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More than 10 years into the business, SOA ARTS has been a leading art supplier in the world as well as in China. Working with top designers and artists, SOA ARTS customizes and produces unique artworks that cater to top-notch interior and facility decoration. Our typical customers include interior design companies, facilities like hotels, restaurants, and offices, individual graphic designers, photographers, painters and other artists, furniture malls or shopping centers, galleries, resellers and distributors, and brands who customize gifts for their consumers. SOA's ever-updated art catalog reflects the latest trends and covers mainstream artworks including traditional and contemporary hand-painted art, metal art, giclee and canvas prints, frames, and framed crafts. Our artworks are shown in families, hotels, galleries, and malls worldwide. Besides supplying artworks to trade partners, SOA also offers print-on-demand and framing services to worldwide individual artists. The print mediums range from the most cost-effective canvas to the best archival paper and frames from aluminum to the most popular floater frames. With strict quality control and professional color management, SOA can produce the most stunning prints available on the market. With art playing an ever-important role in everyday life and in marketing and branding, SOA will surely be your long-term ideal supplier, boosting your competition like never before.
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Производитель, Торговая компания
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Guangdong, China
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